Week 31, 2013: Word of the week: patience.

After the hilly run on weekend that went just fine I thought I was on a straight path to recovery. I did my regular recovery run on Monday and it also went fine... except that the following days my muscles felt like bones, even though I'm making good friends with this guy lately.

I did CrossFit on Tuesday and then, still sore, on Wednesday I was wondering whether I should go for a run or not. I decided to give it a try. I didn't get far. After less than a kilometer my calf was giving me clear signals that this is not going to work and I have to turn around. Ehh.

My better half recently took up some swimming lessons here and in a span of few lessons made tremendous progress. I was very proud of her and then I realized that it's a great opportunity for me too. Since I cannot run as much as I'd like to, I could use this extra time to learn to swim. So I did my first lesson on Thursday. I followed it up with the Inman mile at CrossFit - tough stuff!

On Friday I still didn't dare to go running and I did some rowing instead. Then on the weekend first easy, short run on Saturday and then my usual distance on Sunday. I can see slow progress but I need to still be very careful with increasing the mileage. I was hoping it would go faster...


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