Week 9, 2013: Laziness time!

My good performance in the Montara Mountain trail run came at a price: on Monday I could hardly walk. On Tuesday I was still hurting all over but decided to go for a casual run, mostly just to get the blood flowing and speed up recovery. It went fine.

On Thursday I was already feeling fine and was planning to do another run, but I had squash scheduled in the evening. I thought that maybe I should take it easy, so in the end I skipped the run.

Instead I went on Friday. I did my fast run and was hoping to improve my PB on my usual route, but it didn't happen. Still, I registered my second best time, just 5 days after an ultra race, so not too bad. Actually, it's funny, when I used to run marathons, after a race I'd usually take at least 2 weeks of very little or no activity to recover. Now, I'm doing 50K trail ultras, which certainly aren't any easier, but I try to be back in the game within a few days. I guess it's all a matter of conditioning your body.

And then a very weird thing happened. On weekend I was planning to do lots of running, but, as it happened, I didn't feel like doing any running at all. And I didn't. It was weird. I wonder whether I should have pushed myself? Not feeling like running is not exactly a new feeling for me :), it happens every once in a while and most often I just force myself to go. In this line of business one cannot give in to one's laziness ;). However, sometimes I guess those feelings of laziness are legitimate. I guess it's the way of the body of asking for a much needed break. I decided that this was the case here as well.

I now realized that this was my first weekend in the States when I did no running whatsoever on a weekend. Hopefully next week my laziness will be gone and I will go back to regular training schedule.


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