Week 10, 2013: Business as usual

Duh. My Dotcloud setup for my Opa-based app powering the weekly widgets that you can see above was giving me grief lately. I was this close to giving up on Dotcloud, but finding and setting up hosting somewhere else would have taken time that I don't have right now. So instead I spend a good couple of hours fixing and upgrading stuff on Dotcloud. Oh well.

Anyway, it's supposed to be about running, right? It was a pretty decent week. After a lazy last week I started with an easy run on Monday. I only managed to go late in the evening so I had to resort to a dreadmill.

On Tuesday I did my traditional faster run on my usual loop. I thought I could make my new PB, as I was doing real good on the first part, but then I realized that the wind (always present there) was blowing in the opposite direction that day. So instead of a slight boost I got a head-on wind in the last section and missed the PB by 16 seconds.

On Wednesday I was going for a work offsite in Squaw Valley; the home of the Winter Olympics in 1960. My initial plan was to take the 5am bus and do some running there on that day, but that was too scary even for me so in the end I settled for the noon bus and no running on that day.

On Thursday it was time for some fun in the snow. Instead of downhill skiing or snowboarding I decided to try cross country skiing. I have never tried it before and was always curious about it, as people often compared it to running. It was ok, I guess, but I think I'll stick to running ;) (winter is not my season, I guess).

On Friday I was back from the offsite and managed to go for a run. At first I wanted to do an easy one, but my failed attempt at the PB on Tuesday was ticking me off and I decided to, in the face of the coming marathon, do another fast run. This time I managed and improved my PB by full 30 seconds, so I was very happy with that.

On Saturday I went to the Wunderlicht County Park for my usual weekend trail running, although this time I kept it short and only did 14K.

On Sunday I did a somewhat longer, 20K, run in the Castle Rock State Park -- a place popular among climbers. It was a very pleasant run. I didn't have a map and there wasn't one at the secondary entrance that I used, but I did a loop (almost as planned) of 20K (exactly as planned).

The first part of the run was in a forest on a typical trail. However, the second one was out in the open with a great view to the left and big rocks on the right. It was also very technical, with a lot of rock hopping and I liked that a lot. I have a feeling that, just as downhill running, and opposite to uphill running, this is something I'm quite good at. I may visit Castle Rock again one day.

So, all in all, a pretty good week. Coming Sunday I'm running the LA marathon... but I'll write about that in a separate post shortly :).

(See more photos: Castle Rock State Park).


przemek said…
Good luck in LA!
Strzelo said…
Jestem bardzo ciekawy jak ci pojdzie w LA. Mysle, ze nowe podejscie do treningu i zwiekszona ilosc gorek i sprintow moga dac ci niezlego kopa i nowe PB. Zobaczymy. Trzymam kciuki!
Adam Koprowski said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam Koprowski said…
Strzelu: zobacz najnowszy wpis, nie planuje ataku na PB. A jak pojdzie to zobaczymy. Ciao!

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