Week 8, 2013: Montara Mountain 50K

Okie dokie, so what do we have here this week. Well, on Monday I was still finishing up my Death Valley adventure with the scaling of the Corkscrew peak. It ended up being a pretty laborious hike and so was the drive back home, so Tuesday was definitely off.

On Wednesday I still felt pretty tired but decided to go for an easy run anyway. Something funny happened there. Usually, out of habit, I set myself a heart rate zone to keep for my runs. But I hardly need it. Especially for easy runs, I just settle into a familiar pace and my heart rate stays within the zone without any reminders from my watch. Not so today. My watch was constantly complaining that I'm jogging instead of running and that I should try harder. So I did. As a result I did my fastest easy run ever (at least on the Baylands Park loop). And I felt really tired afterwards. It certainly wasn't an easy training, but why did my heart rate stay so low??

As a result I skipped the Thursday run without thinking twice and on Friday still felt tired and decided to call it off as well. The main reason was that I wanted to run the 50K Montara Mountain trail run on Sunday and wanted to be kinda rested and fresh for that.

The plan didn't exactly work out, as a friend suggested a hike on Saturday and I couldn't say no to that. In a group of four we went to the Big Basin Redwoods State Park; all the photos in this post are from this hike. My GPS didn't work so that sucked big time and if it wasn't for the fact that I had company I'm sure I'd have turned around and called it off ;). After the hike I felt tired and was seriously concerned about my performance on Sunday... so, how did it go? You'll have to wait for the next post with the race report to find out :).

In two weeks the Los Angeles maraton is coming up. By the way only recently I realized that after many years I'm breaking with my tradition of running every marathon in a different country (with US states counting as separate "countries" for the purpose of this exercise), as I also subscribed for the San Francisco marathon in June. Oh well. Another interesting observation is that between the marathons and my 50K trail runs I am now running a marathon-or-longer event basically every month. Who would have have thought... and I remember one day thinking that membership in the 100 Marathon Club is unattainable... just give me a couple of years more ;). And on this positive note... stay tuned for details about Montara!

(See more photos: Big Basin Redwoods State Park).


Karol Osłowski said…
Sorry but I cant see what was your time in this 50 KM run...
Karol Osłowski said…
but nvm I found it allready

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