Oh, what a day...

Do you know those days when everything, whatever you touch, seems to work? And how about those days were everything seems to be conspiring against you? Yup, I had such a day today. But let's start at the beginning.

On Sunday I came back to California, after two weeks of Christmas vacations in The Netherlands. If you asked me what I did during those two weeks a pretty accurate answer would be: nothing :). Which suited me just fine and gave an opportunity to laze around with my better half :). It also generated a lot of running hunger, which I hope to properly discharge of during coming weeks; but that's a subject for a separate post.

Anyhow, I was back on Sunday when I also got the keys to my new apartment and had until Wednesday to get furniture for it. As it turned out that meant daily trips to Ikea :). Still, in the end it worked and I managed to get everything I wanted and also to bring it all on my own.

But on Tuesday evening I was quite tired. The day started badly, as I learned that my holiday present from Google was delivered during Christmas break, left at my front door by the postman and, subsequently, disappeared. So much for the holiday gift :/. And then it got worse.

After another Ikea trip, after 10pm I came back to my old apartment to spend the last night there. I had a lot of empty bags with me and after putting half of them inside and going for the rest I heard an unmistakable click. Oopsie. Yes, I locked myself out. The funny thing is that when I moved in to that apartment my first though was that this is bound to happen at some point. But then I realized that the door doesn't close very easily; in fact it happened to me a good couple of times that in the evening I realized that I left my apartment open. Well, not this time.

It was time to take stock of the situation. Keys to my new apartment were inside, together with my car keys, so no easy way out. I had a Kindle; at least I'll have something to keep me busy ;). But then I realized that I had my backpack with me and, by some lucky coincidence, my spare car key in there. I also had my badge on me, which quickly changed night on the street into a night in the office. Quite an improvement. Especially with fully stocked micro-kitchens with food and drinks and sofas lying around everywhere, I guess I was going to live ;).

So I got to my car and went back the way I just came. On the good side, with hardly any traffic, it was probably the fastest trip to the office ever ;). I was a bit hungry so decided to stop in the In and Out burger on the way. Some people told me that this is one of those things that you just have to try in California. So I did, few days before. My first surprise was the menu: burger, cheeseburger, double-burger, french fries and drinks. That's it. They like to keep it simple :). I have to say the burger itself was fairly tasty; not divine and not a gourmet food to be sure, but for a fast food -- not bad. So I decided to give it another try.

After dinner I went to the office and shortly settled down in a sleeping pod. I got quite comfy and even started hoping for a fairly regular night of sleep... but then the cleaning and micro-kitchen stocking started and was going on through most of the night. So with all that noise I didn't sleep too well. In any case, sleeping in the office: CHECK :).


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