Week 33, 2012

Only 3, but high quality trainings.

This was supposed to be the week when my serious training was to be resumed. It started well. While in Poland, on Tuesday I made a sentimental trip to the Koncertowa running track (it's kind of where my running craze took off) and did 1000m intervals averaging 4:00min/km. It was a first tough training after 2 weeks of lazing around after Lakeland, so it wasn't easy. My legs and my lungs were burning. I forgot to take my Polar with me to Poland so I'm not sure what my heart rate was, but it felt as it I was hitting the max.

I didn't manage to on Wednesday but on Thursday I did a 15K run with an 11K part at a nice and steady 4:42min/km, so close to my target marathon pace.

Then on Friday, already back in Amsterdam, I did a long training. I could not go in the evening so I started at 3pm and with the unusual (for Amsterdam) heat that substantially added to the challenge. After 20km I was toasted. But still, according to the plan of increasing the pace also of the longer runs, I managed an average pace of 5:05min/km; not too bad.

Unfortunately that was it. Due to many reasons I did not manage to do a single run over the weekend, which sucked. I also did not do any of the other planned activities, such as hitting the gym, doing yoga or going swimming. Let's hope that the next week will be better...


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