Week 26, 2012

Not quite as planned...

Good beginning of the week. On Monday, after a long break, I again tried FiveFingers, with a gentle 6K run. Then intervals on Tuesday where I put in a decent effort, averaging 3:39 on 400m intervals. The surprising part is that after lousy preceding weeks I should have been well rested, but both on Monday and especially on Tuesday my legs felt heavy as if I was just coming out of a 100K week. Weird

On Thursday two runs. First hills with the usual run over the bridge, where despite heavy tiredness I still managed to improve my pace by 5 seconds per km (though with 169(!) as average HR, instead of 159). Then an easy run in the evening.

And that's where things went wrong. I had serious plans for the weekend and if I pulled them off that would make for a very good week, but due to various reasons I didn't do anything at all over the last three days. Oh well.

Next two weeks I'll be biking in Estonia. Then back for less than two weeks and Lakeland 50. Ugh. This is not exactly how I was hoping to prepare for this event :S...


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