Week 24, 2012

Coming down with a cold...

Slow beginning of the week. I only did 1 training on Tuesday, skipping intervals in the evening and 1 hill training on Thursday, instead of 2 runs. That's because my legs were begging for mercy. Either the Sunday half-marathon really gave me hell or a general overtraining is setting in. Quite possibly a combination of the two. Then on Friday I came down with a cold. That meant I had to cancel the long running trip on Saturday. I didn't want to give it up completely so at least I went to the gym and did a slow 15K on the thread-mill. However, on Sunday I really felt like crap and knew that I'm out of commission for at least a week. Well, that's life. In fact maybe it's not such a bad timing as I was really burning out and like that hopefully I'll get a chance to recharge my batteries. I only hope this cold will not last for months like it happened to me last year...

One change in the interface: I manage to make the race popover window the way I wanted it. And that includes having age graded performance there (thx for help Thyra!). You can check it out looking at the half-marathon I did last week (quite possibly you'll need to refresh the browser window). More to come soon (I hope)! :)


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