Week 23, 2012

My slowest half-marathon ever :)

A well balanced week, with two "floating on water" sessions. Easy running on Monday, then very intense intervals on Tuesday, I pushed myself to to at 3:49min/km on 800m intervals; still slightly faster than on 600m ones last week. Then a hill session on Thursday (now full 15sec/km faster than two weeks ago) and rest until Sunday.

Amersfoort, The Netherlands
4:39 min/km
170 hrm

And on Sunday, the half-marathon of Amersfoort. I was quite positive about it, I woke up on time, made it to the train on time, didn't drink too much beer the previous night, while watching EC with friends. All looked good. Until I started running. With Thyra, Michal and Radek we started way in the back of the pack, so the first 3K involved heavy elbowing through the crowd, which, with its constant slowing down and speeding up, was quite tiring... and yet, as it turned out later, those were my faster kilometers. Afterwards the road got wider, so no more pushing through the crowd but the "natural" difficulties of the track kicked in. Ascents, descends, dirt roads... we had it all. It was a really difficult course, I think. I finished in 1:37:32, which makes it my slowest half-marathon ever. I'd be quite depressed about that, but the results of others indicate that it was not only me and that the course was really a tough one. Oh well.

I hope to chalk up a nice long run next week and I need to think when to squeeze in a 10K race. Stay tuned. Oh, and you can notice a new icon next to the Sunday race :) (I'll still work on its content, though).


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