Week 17, 2012

Getting back to my training routine.

Ok, one week of after-marathon recovery gone; time to get back to business. On Tuesday intervals on the track: 5x1200m. I have to say I still felt quite stiff so had to hold back a bit. Ended up averaging 4:01 min/km. (Btw. my speed sensor gave up on me so no pace data for the first few runs this week, until I replaced it). On Thursday just an easy run in the afternoon. I was hoping to follow up with another training in the evening but it was not meant to be. So instead I did it on Friday. I wanted to do some hills, but that's not an easy fit. So in the end I just ran over the Nescio bridge. Up, down on the other side, back up and down again. That's one rep, which took me around 8:30 (I didn't push it) and I did 5 of those.

Finally on Sunday the usual long run. I went at a leisurely pace from Castricum to Zandvoort, mostly on the beach. Was planning to do a detour at the end and end with 40+K but I guess I underestimated the difficulty of the beach and, more importantly, the fact that I was by no means fully recovered from the marathon. So in the end I just did 35K. The weather was mostly ok, with some rain every now and then. Some photos below.

Next week my family is visiting so it might be tricky to do regular training, but if it wasn't for that I'd hope to be back to 5 runs a week. We'll see...


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