Week 13, 2012

An unplanned rest week.

It started slow: two easy runs on Tuesday and Wednesday... and only got slower since then. I had big plans for the weekend as I was going to Polish mountains for the weekend and was looking forward to do two relatively long runs there. But it was not meant to be. As it turned out I only took short sleeved t-shirt and shorts with me. And it was snowing. If I were on my own that would probably not have stopped me from going, but as it were my family would disown me if I did that ;). Plus, frankly, I didn't feel like. Yeah, sure I was looking forward a lot to those mountain runs, but it's one thing to run with the sun shining and quite another with the snow falling and shivering from cold. Plus, frankly, I felt lazy. So no runs. Nil. Zip.

So I guess I got my pre-marathon rest a bit early. So I guess now I'll try to do the next week moderately challenging; not too much milage and probably only 4 trainings but including 2 intense sessions: interval training and a race-like 10K. And then another easy week just before the marathon. Let's see how it works. Funny thing is that my legs were hurting me quite a bit after the weekend. Walking in mountain shoes? Or my legs complaining from the lack of running? I put my money on the latter.


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