Week 12, 2012

Good week with a 41K long run at the end.

On Tuesday I was still tired after the half-marathon so instead of doing intervals I just went to the gym. On Wednesday I started off with easy 13K and then another 17K in the evening. On Friday I still felt too tired to do speed work and ended up again doing two easy runs of 12K & 18K.

So a fairly boring week... except for the Sunday long run. I decided to do a last really long run before the marathon -- 40K. The plan was to start with easy 23K and then follow up with fast 15K at the marathon pace and finish off with 2K of easy jogging.

I started according to the plan. I went to Baarn and planned a route from there that went though something that looked green on the map :). This something turned out to be a forest that was really great for running. It reminded me of Stratumse Heide in Eindhoven where I did so many runs. It also reminded me of why I love running. With this weather it was pure bliss.

I took the first part real easy with two walking breaks of few minutes for drinking and I finished with a 10 minute break for some power bars before proceeding to the next stage. I have to say that after the whole week and the preceding 20+K my legs were actually fairly tired. So having to follow up with fast 15K seemed scary.

And scary it was. It took a lot of strong will to accelerate to the required speed and even more to maintain that pace. Right from the start I knew that keeping this for 15K would kill me. And as I didn't want to get killed so shortly before the marathon I decided to do 10K instead. That was still tough as hell.

I barely managed to average 4:42min/km at that stretch, which would give me 3:18 in a marathon. If someone asked me after this training whether I believe that I have a chance of improving my PB of 3:15 in Paris, I'd say 'no way'. My only chance is that being tired (as I was that Sunday) VS being fresh (as I hope to be in Paris) will make all the difference. Which also means I need to make sure that I'll be rested for the big day!

Next week I still plan to do some decent trainings, maybe 70-80K in total, maybe 1 or 2 tougher trainings. Week after that I plan to drop to around 50K with a fast 10K on Sunday (I'd love to do a race but I don't think I'll find one on Easter ;) and finally the week of the marathon the plan is to keep it super light, with few jogs only. Let's see how it goes.

Yet again, I didn't manage to upgrade the soft for my training overviews. And I didn't even have time to get rid of those annoying messages about unsupported browser, that are plain wrong. Ehh...

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