Week 6, 2012

My running seems to be getting back on track.

Not much non-running activity this week but at least the running looks as it should with solid 74K total. On Tuesday I did intervals with AV'23 running group, which only confirmed that I'll have to work hard to re-gain my form -- I did them at a moderate pace (for intervals; 4:17) but my heart-rate was sky-rocketing. I followed that with an easy run on Wednesday and on Friday first some hill exercises and then I was planning an easy run, but was late for dinner so had to go a bit faster than I normally would, making it a steady run. Finally on Sunday 25K long run.

You'll notice that my weekly summary has changed completely. That's because instead of generating it by hand I'm not pulling the data from a service that I'm working on 8^). The nice thing about that is that: a) the process is finally automated and b) as I make improvements to the service those tables on the blog will improve as well. Btw. I'm aware the table doesn't look very pretty -- that's because I may now a thing or two about programming but I know very little about making good looking sites. And if I ever got serious about this service of mine, I'll hire a web designer, no worries :).

Along with the aforementioned change I'll also change the abbreviations of my trainings, based on this article, as follows (abbreviations in parentheses is what you'll see in the summary tables):

Base run (BR)
a relatively short to moderate-length run undertaken at a runner’s natural pace (most of my training).
Progression run (PR)
moderately challenging runs at a somewhat faster pace than base runs and often with last segment at a marathon to 10K pace.
Long run (LR)
a base run that lasts long enough to leave a runner moderately to severely fatigued for improving endurance (I'll mostly be doing it on Sundays).
Hill repetitions (HR)
base run followed by repeated short segments of hard uphill running.
Tempo run (TR)
a training with one or two sustained efforts somewhere in the range of lactate threshold intensity.
Intervals (INT)
repeated shorter segments of fast running separated by slow jogging “recoveries”

For now I updated all posts from this year with this new format, but at some point I'll probably get around to updating last year as well. Oh, one important thing that is missing in this new table is the pace of the trainings; I'll try to update it shortly.


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