Week 52, 2011

Another week off due to an injury.

26 Dec - 1 Jan
This week's totals:1x, 1:02, 11km [1:02]
10.5 km
INT 3x1200m/2:30
4:00 min/km

Unfortunately my shins injury continued into this week. I did a test run on Wednesday, planning to do 5, but due to technical problems ending up with only 3 intervals of 1200 meters with 2:30 minutes of jogging rest in between. I was fine during the run, but could feel the pain afterwards so decided to give it a rest till the end of the week (and year).

It's a bit of a pity because before the injury slowed me down I was doing great. If I kept the pace I had until the 18th, I would end up with 395km in December -- which would not only be the best month ever, but also very close to the 400K mark. But as it is, I got a reminder that I'm not getting any younger and that now breaking distance records is not only about finding time to do so, but also about listening to my body and sometimes giving it a break -- something, I admit, I'm not very good at.

But what really worries me is that next Sunday I'm signed up for the Egmond half-marathon and now my start is a big question mark. Most likely I'll participate, but my carefully crafted preparations now went to hell with the last 2 weeks off, so I can forget about doing a great time. Oh well. I guess I'll have to see whether I can still just run for the fun of it... with a decent, if not great, time, of course :).


Thyra said…
Did not realise that your 'test run' was actually intervals... for that I only have one word: IDIOT! :D (No, you don't get a "crazy" for this!) You really should have known better than to do that. Hope it all gets better really soon.

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