Week 4, 2012

... and back to no running

What a crappy week; almost no sport at all. Duh. My only excuse is that I was in Poland and hardly had any time to think about running. I played some tennis on Thursday and that was surprisingly a lot of fun; surprisingly, given that I did not play for some 10 years, so was expecting to mainly hit the net and indeed I did a good share of that, but it was still enjoyable. My only run this week was on Sunday and even then I gave up the start in 10K race (all of the Sportsworld trio that went did their PBs, so maybe it's good I didn't as I would lower this statistics ;) and instead did an easy run on a treadmill. This was probably a good decision, though, as my left hamstring is in a pretty bad shape (I know, I know, looks like I'm getting old) and a race would not help it, I'm sure. All in all, if I want to be ready for April (Paris marathon) time to seriously get my s*** together.

On a somewhat related note a friend of mine told me today about Poland Footrace 2013. Long story short: 15 days, more than 1000km, running through Poland. Wow. I mean WOW. It would be a big, fat lie if I said this is not the kind of an event that I'm dreaming of doing one day. Running through the whole length of Poland in two weeks, I mean WOOW. But in order to do something that crazy I'd need to be really well prepared. In this case I think that means running regularly ~120km/week. Can I do that in a 1.5 year time-frame? Probably not. Am I gonna try? You betcha ;).


jean said…
Count me in for this polish crusade!!
Adam Koprowski said…
You serious Jan? You better be! :P
jean said…
Looks like a nice way to see the old polish motherland! That is a big yes.
Xana said…
not sure I like :P

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