Week 2 & 3, 2012

Slowly recovering from the injury.

Not much to talk about. My injury is slowly subsiding; slowly being the keyword. I'm having weekly visits with a physiotherapeutist and for now got a green light to do 3 runs weekly. I started with mere 30min and 6km and was slowly increasing time & distance until today I did a decent 16K. The funny part is that, with my watch being dead and hence not being there to tell me that I'm out of my HR zone and should slow down, and with only 3 runs a week, I am doing those runs at a reasonable pace; at least I'd rarely regularly run at sub-5:00 min/km.

In any case, I really hope that one more week of taking things easy (I'll be in Poland most of this week and probably won't have much time for running) and then I hope to be able to start seriously preparing for Paris. Because the time is getting short...


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