Week 25, 2011

All in all, the most intense week of 2011, with almost 15h worth of trainings -- niiiice :)

20 Jun - 26 Jun
This week's totals: 4x, 6:14, 64km [14:44]
Next week's plan: 5x, 5:52, 61km
13.6 km11 km9.0 km28.7 km
ST 12x400m/80''ER 11km [TM]ER 8km [TM]RT 28km
164 hrm134 hrm136 hrm140 hrm
4:01 min/km5:21 min/km5:13 min/km5:30 min/km
squash (0:45)gym (1:00)modern dance (1:30)body pump (1:00)modern dance (3:00)gym (1:00)

Huh, what a week! Started easy enough on Monday when I decided it's finally time to take a day off. Then some speed work on Tuesday, with 400m intervals and easy runs on treadmill on Wednesday and Friday.

But what made this week so intense was not running, but all the other activities. Squash, gym, modern dance, body pump, modern dance workshop (3h!) and gym again. Too much. Actually during Thursday dance class I could feel that I'm completely out of energy. Over-trained. My coach also suggests that I take things easy ;). But I don't know what to give up on :D. I like the fact that I'm back to regular gym routine, I need my dance classes and I'm rather happy with 4-5 running trainings per week. So giving up on something is no easy task :).

I do hope that my tiredness has something to do with the fact that I was not able to sleep as much as I'd like lately. I hope that's going to change soon and then, hopefully, with better recovery I'll be able to handle this training routine. The problem is that things are getting kinda intense at work too, so I'm not completely sure about this "getting enough sleep" part. I think I'll really need to work on my efficiency :)

This week's cherry on top of the pie was my Sunday running trip. I was taking it easy, then went to the gym, then had an unplanned dinner with friends... by the time I was finished it was well past 23:00. I decided not to give up and went running. And then I decided to take it one step further. Normally I either run to Muiden and back, or to Diemen and towards Driemond and back. This time I decided to try to close the loop. I went Muiderpoort-Muiden-Weesp-Driemond-Diemen-Muiderpoort. This turned out to be a tad longer than what I had in mind so I ended up with a 28km long trip :). And I managed to keep a 5:30 min/km average pace. I was back home after 2 in the morning, completely tired but boy, was I happy :D

As I didn't run 10K this week (certainly a good decision). I'll try to do it next week. The only reasonable race I could find was the 10K in the forest in Leiden. I'm a bit worried about this "forest" part, though. Also I'll spend 3 days in Paris this week, which will make keeping a regular running training quite a challenge...


Thyra said…
Running 28km in the middle of the night?! Now I know for a fact you're crazy!!

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