Week 24, 2011

Another fairly intense week, with planned 5 running trainings and a total of 72km.

13 Jun - 19 Jun
This week's totals: 5x, 6:51, 72km [9:36]
Next week's plan: 5x, 6:14, 67km
13.3 km12.3 km11.0 km14.0 km20.5 km
ER 11km + 7x100m/100mST 15x400m/80''ER 11km [TM]INT 7x1km/4'RT 20km
137 hrm162 hrm130 hrm157 hrm132 hrm
5:18 min/km3:58 min/km5:27 min/km4:11 min/km 5:36 min/km
core (0:15)gym (1:00)core (0:15)gym (1:00)core (0:15)

On Monday I finally took a well deserved day off. Then a speed training on Wednesday: 15 times 400m sprints with 80 seconds of rest in-between. Bloody tiring training, I have to say. But I managed to keep a sub-4:00 min/km average pace, which I consider a good sign. On Friday I again did intervals, though this time longer: 7x 1km, with 4 minutes of rest. I did this same training in the previous week, where I had the same average pace but higher heart rate (161, now 157) -- not bad. Sunday was a test day. I had a running trip planned but it was raining cats and dogs. Still, I managed to get my sorry ass out into the cold (and wet) and did 20K, as planned, wrapping up this week with a total of 72km (again, as planned). Not bad :).

Next week I'm considering another start on 10K on Sunday. But I'll have to decide at the last moment as on Saturday I have a 3 hours long modern dance workshop and it's quite likely that afterwards I'll simply not be in shape for a race. If so: I'll try to run the following week.


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