Week 23, 2011

Another awesome 10+h of sporting week + a nice 10K final in "Kika run" on Sunday.

6 Jun - 12 Jun
This week's totals: 5x, 6:02, 61km [11:02]
Next week's plan: 5x, 7:21, 73km
13.7 km13.9 km11.0 km12.0 km10.3 km
INT 7x1km/4'ER 14kmRS 60'ER 12kmS! 10km "Kika run" (Spaarnwoude)
161 hrm126 hrm152 hrm141 hrm174 hrm
4:10 min/km5:46 min/km#105:56 min/km4:06 min/km
squash (0:45)gym (1:00)modern dance (1:30)squash (0:45)gym (1:00)

What can I say, another great week with 5 running trainings, 2 visits to the gym, squash x2 and modern dance. Total of 11h. Way to go! :)

The final of the week, 10K start with a new personal best, was the cherry on top of the pie :). See the linked post for more info.


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