Week 22, 2011

More than 10h of sports, 4 running and 3 weight trainings... in short: a perfect week :)

30 May - 5 Jun
This week's totals: 4x, 5:49, 58km [10:19]
Next week's plan: 5x, 5:38, 60km
11.0 km12.2 km13.0 km22.0 km
RS 60' [TM]ER 12kmSR 12km [TM]RT 21km
151 hrm140 hrm152 hrm145 hrm
#105:39 min/km5:00 min/km5:27 min/km
gym (1:00)modern dance (1:30)body pump (1:00)gym (1:00)

A mighty good week. 4 running sessions and a total of 60km does not sound too great, but add to that 3 weight training sessions and dancing, adding up to more than 10 hours of training, and you end up with a pretty much a perfect week :)

Below are some photos from my Saturday running trip. As running trips go, I'd usually do them fairly slowly. Not time time. I started at a rather decent pace and made it all the way to the castle of Muiden (see photo below). There I made a stop during which I learned that my better half made a reservation for a restaurant for this evening. That meant I didn't have much time. And that meant I had to speed up on the way back :). I ended up with a total of 21km and an average pace of 5:27 min/km, which, given a hot and windy weather, was quite a result.

Next week no long, exhausting trainings as I'm hoping to take part in the Kika 10K run on Sunday in Spaarnwoude.

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