Week 15, 2011

Not much training (not even 50K) due to stay in NY. But next week should be better...

11 Apr - 17 Apr
This week's totals: 4x, 5:05, 49km [6:05]
Next week's plans: 5x, 9:03, 93km
10.8 km12 km15.2 km10.9 km
ER 10kmRS 60' [TM]SR 9km [SW]ER 11km
132 hrm148 hrm150 hrm125 hrm
5:21 min/km#124:46 min/km5:56 min/km

I knew that from Thursday on it will be difficult to do any running due to my stay in NYC. So I did an easy training on Monday, even though I was tired from 10K and I followed up with a running strength on a treadmill on Tuesday and the usual Wednesday run with SportsWorld. Then 3 day break :( and I managed to wrap the week up with an easy run in the hilly Central Park.

Next week my sightseeing schedule is much less tight and I hope to be back to normal training. As a matter of fact I hope to do more running than in any week so far, starting off with a fast 30K on Monday -- it's the last moment to do this training as the big day is approaching...


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