Week 14, 2011

Not too much mileage but few intense trainings this week with a 10K race on Sunday.

4 Apr - 10 Apr
This week's totals: 5x, 5:25, 58km [6:55]
Next week's plans: 4x, 6:09, 63km
13.0 km17.0 km11.9 km6.4 km10.0 km
RS 60' [TM]SR 11km [SW]FR 6x1km/4'jog 6kmS! 10km (Grootebroek)
147 hrm158 hrm165 hrm129 hrm172 hrm
#124:45 min/km4:00 min/km5:39 min/km4:11 min/km

Short but intense trainings. Running strength on Tuesday, then a reasonably fast run with Michal & Sportsworld on Wednesday and 6 1km intervals on Friday at 4:00 min/km. Then an easy "warm-up" on Saturday and 10K race on Sunday, described in the next post.

Next week will be tough as I'm leaving for the States. I hope to squeeze in 3 trainings Monday to Wednesday but Thursday morning I have my flight and during the first week that I'll spent in New York doing any running will be rather difficult. We'll see...


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