Week 13, 2011

Few days of recovery after the half-marathon and then back to regular schedule.

28 Mar - 3 Apr
This week's totals: 5x, 7:11, 74km [7:11]
Next week's plans: 5x, 6:04, 63km
12.6 km12.5 km12.8 km10.6 km25.9 km
ER 12kmER 12kmRS 7km, 7x[ssw]ER 10kmSR 15km + 3x1'/3'
140 hrm136 hrm133 hrm136 hrm158 hrm
5:27 min/km5:42 min/km5:46 min/km5:42 min/km4:43 min/km

First days of this week I spent in Warsaw, recovering from the half-marathon. So easy run on Tuesday and another one on Thursday, with rest days on Monday and Wednesday.

On Friday I did running strength. Then on Saturday I decided to give my Green Silence a try. Since I didn't get any sleep the night before (friend's party + early flight) and I wasn't sure how running in those lights shoes will go, I only did slow 10K. It felt good and I'm seriously thinking of gradually incorporating more and more runs with light shoes and, who knows, maybe one day barefoot? But I don't think I'll be experimenting much in those last few weeks before the marathon.

I wrapped up this week with a steady run of 15K (total of 26km), which I managed to do slightly faster than in the previous weeks; but my average HR was pretty high too.

Next week not too heavy, low mileage and another test: 10K on Sunday.


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