10km, Grootebroek, Netherlands (before)

Tomorrow morning I'm going to run 10K in Grootebroek -- a small village in the north of Holland. My form? Well, I'm afraid I pushed too hard this week, with too many tough trainings. Also the speed interval training that I wanted to do on Thursday, slipped to Friday; too close to the race day. Today I slept very shortly, woken up by the postman in the morning. And I may have had one too many yesterday ;)... well, excuses, excuses :). Enough already.

Plans? Goals? Well, according to McMillan's calculator my 1:33:05 in the Warsaw half-marathon indicates that I should be able to do 41:50 tomorrow. Not bad at all given that my personal best on this distance is mere half a minute faster, 41:22. But of course I'll do my best to beat that. And in case I manage to get to the finish line even one second faster than that -- I'm gonna be very happy indeed. Wish me good luck :)


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