Week 12, 2011

21 Mar - 27 Mar
This week's totals: 4x, 5:37, 59km [5:37]
Next week's plans: 5x, 7:48, 79km
11.0 km14.5 km12.6 km21.5 km
RS 60' [TM]SR 4kmER 12kmR! half-marathon
141 hrm167 hrm135 hrm169 hrm
#114:13 min/km5:24 min/km4:26 min/km

This was supposed to be a relatively light week with a highlight of the half-marathon on Sunday. And that it was. With the exception of the Wednesday training where Ruben dictated a very intense pace and before I figured out it's not smart to keep up with that I did very fast 4km and was pretty winded.

Rest of the week pretty un-eventful and then the half-marathon, about which you can read more here and here.

The next week I hope to put some serious kilometers and I only hope that recovering from today's run and the blisters I got will not stop me from doing so. Because the following week I have a 10K run scheduled so again I won't be able to hit myself too hard during the week. Let's see...


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