Week 11, 2011

14 Mar - 20 Mar
This week's totals: 4x, 5:51, 59km [6:06]
Next week's plans: 4x, 5:24, 59km
13.5 km14.0 km13.5 km17.7 km
ER 13kmRS 60' [TM]ER 13kmFR 10x1km/4'
138 hrm146 hrm138 hrm161 hrm
5:52 min/km#115:27 min/km4:04
abs (0:15)

The beginning of the week was tough. To begin with on Sunday last week I had an appointment at the gym with my personal trainer, who did a weight training plan for me and walked me through the exercises. It was tough. I didn't realize how tough until Monday and Tuesday when I could hardly move! And I mean it! Especially my back and triceps were on fire. I could not straighten my arms (at least not without it taking a full minute and causing me a lot of pain) and rotating my torso was very painful. I don't remember hurting that much. Ever. While for some this could be a discouragement, personally I think this just proves that the exercises I was told to do rock! :). So I'm certainly going to try to do them, but it will have to wait for after-the-marathon time.

Anyhow, this did not help with the running this week. Neither did the fact that I was in Paris the first 3 days. I was hoping that I could still train there, but of course it didn't work out. I only did one training on Tuesday, along the Seine, with a round around the Eiffel tower. So as a result I again missed a training, doing only 4 this week.

The highlight of the week was the Sunday training targeted for the half-marathon that I will run next Sunday. It was a speed training, well, at least as much of a speed training as a runner at my level, running long distances will ever do. It consisted of 1km fast intervals with 4 minutes of rest (jogging) in between. I did 10 such intervals, averaging 4:04 min/km during them. Not bad although the realization that next week I'll have to do 21, not 10 such stretches, without the recovery periods in between them and only slightly slower (target: 4:15 min/km), does sound scary. But running during an event is a completely different thing that running alone on a training, so who knows, maybe I can pull it off.

Next week only 4 trainings planned. One or two medium intensity trainings at the beginning of the week, then some easy runs and on Sunday the half-marathon. First serous test that should give me an indication of what I can hope for in the marathon.


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