Week 10, 2011

Tiredness sets in, one missed training, but all in all things look good.

7 Mar - 13 Mar
This week's totals: 4x, 6:44, 70km [10:14]
Next week's plans: 5x, 7:33, 77km
14.0 km16.1 km14.3 km25.4 km
RS 8km, 10x[sw]SR 60' [SW]ER 60' [TM]SR 16km
137 hrm156 hrm156 hrm
5:18 min/km4:40 min/km5:18 min/km4:55
body pump
power yoga

The Wednesday training with SportsWorld I again run with Michal and he sets a pretty intense pace. We end up running for an hour and averaging... 4:40 min/km! If only my heart rate was a notch lower, I'd say this is the form I'm looking for :)

But after the training the coach told me that I'm doing too many intense trainings, not leaving enough time for recovery. He also advised me never to have two hard trainings on consecutive days. Before I didn't manage to implement his hint to reduce the number of sessions from 5 to 4 (mainly because I'm too crazy about weekly mileage ;) but I think this one is right on the spot. I do feel tired indeed. So from now on, I'll drop one running strength training, leaving 3 hard trainings per week: 1x running strength (exercises up a hill (well, bridge in this case)) and 2x steady runs (4:30-4:55 min/km, one shorter 10-12K, one longer 16-18K). I'll also try to space those trainings not to do them two days in a row.

I got the proof of the value of this advice already on Friday, when after body pump and yoga my left hamstring started hurting -- an old injury and a clear sign of over-training. I still decided to do the long run on Saturday -- fast 16km and a total of 25km -- but I replaced the strides at the end of this training with easy jogging and decided to take Sunday easy. In the end I didn't get a chance to run at all on Sunday and instead played squash.

Next week will be challenging as I'll spend 3 days in Paris and it won't be easy to do proper trainings there. But I'll do my best. I also have my preparatory runs before the marathon all planned now! I'll run a half-marathon on 27.03 in Warsaw (hopefully getting myself a nice birthday present -- new personal best in half-marathon! :). Then I'll run 10K on 10.04 in Grootebroek. Ideally I'd do 10K just one week before the marathon (24.04) but that will be impossible as I'll already be in the States at that time, so two weeks earlier 10.04 will have to do. Okie dokie, till next week :)


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