Week 9, 2011

A perfect week, 100% of the plan accomplished :)

28 Feb - 6 Mar
This week's totals: 5x, 8:01, 80km [10:46]
Next week's plans: 5x, 8:11, 84km
14.216.313.0 km11.0 km25.3 km
RS 8km + 10x100sSR 11km [SW]ER 10km +
jog 2km [TM]
RS 60' [TM]SR 14km +
136 hrm147 hrm143 hrm152 hrm
5:24 min/km5:03 min/km5:18 min/km#104:55 min/km
modern dancebody pump

On Wednesday I again joined SportsWorld running group and again we were running on our own with Michal. Great training: 10 second per kilometer faster than last week with a lower heart-rate.

On Sunday the weather was perfect for a long run: sunny, but rather cold; only the wind was a minor inconvenience. I totaled 25km and in the main part of the training did 2km more than last week (14km VS 12km), with a lower hear rate, though 5 seconds per kilometer slower.

All in all, I think everything's looking good. I also have my tickets to NYC and already subscribed for the marathon so things become more real and there is no turning back anymore :)


Karol Osłowski said…
I am the first to leave a comment!
Karol Osłowski said…
BTW great week! you are a wonderful runner Adam.

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