Week 4, 2011

Form slowly picking up.

24 Jan - 30 Jan
This week's totals: 4x, 5:59, 56km [9:29]
11.2 km14.4 km11.5 km18.7 km
ER 10km [TM]ER [SW]ER 10km [TM]RT 18km
5:49 min/km 5:42 min/km5:52 min/km
body pumpkettlebody pump
power yoga

Finally the form is slowly picking up. Both the easy runs and the running trip at sub-6:00min/km pace (though not by much). The [SW] annotation for the Wednesday run means I was training with the running group at my local gym, SportsWorld - I don't give average pace for those runs as we often run at a varied pace. Unfortunately this week, for the first time this year, I missed a training (CROS) :(. I truly hope this will remain an exception and will not become a norm...


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