Week 3, 2011

Third week and finally starting a proper routine -- incorporating strides, cross training (CROS) and a running trip (RT) into the training.

17 Jan - 23 Jan
This week's totals: 5x, 6:41, 60km [10:13]
11.1 km11.0 km11.8 km14.7 km11.0 km
ER 10km [TM]ER 10km [TM]ER 9km +
RT 14kmCROS 60' [TM]
[144] [139][139][158]
5:56 min/km6:00 min/km6:03 min/km6:23 min/km#6
kettlekettlebody pump
power yoga

RT, running trip, essentially an easy run (ER) but over a longer distance, possibly with a short break in the middle (though I rarely do that).

10x100m/100m indicates strides done after the training. In this case 10 repetitions of: 100m fast run (3:45-4:15min/km) and 100m recovery jogging.

CROS training: ideally that should be a run over a hilly terrain with varied speed, keeping most of the training in the easy zones of ER, but occasionally attacking the hills or speeding up on the declines to get the body used to the work on higher gears. Unfortunately hills in Amsterdam are hard to find, so I mostly do this training on a treadmill using the varied program at the speed of 6:00min/km, which irregularly varies the incline during the training. The #6 annotation indicates the level of difficulty used (the harder it is the steeper the inclines used in the training).

So this week incorporating all those new training types into my program and doing a decent 60km weekly total. But the form is still low and the Saturday running trip over mere 14km at a very slow pace; I guess it's still too early to see the effects of training.


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