Week 1, 2011

Ok, having plan is one thing, but actually putting it into works, is quite another. I know how hard it is to keep a regular training routine. There are so many bloody distractions; so many things that make it difficult to stick to the plan.So I decided to post my weekly summaries on this blog, hopefully to help keep me motivated. Below is the first week of 2011:

3 Jan - 9 Jan
This week's totals: 3x, 3:45, 33km [8:30]
11.0 km11.0 km10.7km
ER 10km [TM]ER 10km [TM]ER 10km
6:00 min/km 6:00 min/km 6:31 min/km
power yoga
body pump
modern dancebody pump

Ok, so a little walk-through of what is what. The first row is a header with the week number, dates and the summary of the week: number of running sessions, total running time & weekly mileage and finally, in the square brackets, total weekly sporting time (not only running). Then the columns correspond to the days of the week and the rows hold respectively: (1) training time (total with warm-up, cool-down etc.), (2) distance, (3) training type (more about that below), (4) average heart rate and (5) pace, both from the main part of the training. Finally the last row lists non-running activities of the day (if any). I'll describe training types as I introduce them into my routine. For now only:

ER, i.e., easy run, a slow run at a steady pace and with heart rate in the range of 70-75% of the max. This is mainly a recovery run, to fill the week with extra miles, in between hard running sessions. Though I'll be using it now to slowly get into the routine after many running-free weeks.

The TM in square brackets indicates that I performed the given session on a treadmill.

So the first week very easy, with 3 easy, short runs. The really slow pace and a relatively high heart-rate (especially during the outdoor Sunday run) clearly indicate that I'm terribly out of shape. Hopefully that will change soon...


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